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Learn How To Avoid Obesity As A Truck Driver

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As an over-the-road driver for a professional company like Alberta Ashton Transport Ltd, it's not uncommon to spend the larger part of your day sitting behind the wheel. With restricted load delivery and pick-up requirements, sitting down for a healthy meal or fitting in time for exercise can be a challenge, which is one of the reasons some drivers deal with obesity. Obesity comes along with a list of negative health concerns that can often be avoided by living a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you avoid obesity and remain healthier while on the road .

Plan Your Meals

On the days that you get to return home for a day off, set aside some time to plan your meals. For example, if you know that you will be on the road for the next ten days, try to prepare a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for at least seven of the days. This way, the majority of the food you consume will be healthy.

Granola bars, pre-packaged salads and baked lean meats are just some examples that are easy to prepare and that you won't have to worry about going bad. If you don't have time, or just don't feel like cooking the meals yourself, ask a family member of friend to help you with this task.

Take Advantage of Dead Time

An unfortunate part of being an over-the-road driver is that you often have to play the waiting game. Whether it's arriving to your delivery site ahead of time or arriving at the dock only to find out that your load isn't ready for pick up.

Instead of just sitting in your truck, put on your walking shoes and take a short stroll. Walking as little as 30 minutes a day can get you on the right track to losing weight and improving your health. Even if you can't do all 30 minutes at one time, make sure you're moving.

Get Your Rest

Getting enough sleep isn't just important for helping you stay alert on the road; adequate rest can also help you fight obesity. According to one study, people who didn't get enough sleep had a 30 percent higher chance of gaining weight than people who got enough sleep.

An explanation for this could be that people who don't get enough rest are too tired to exercise, making them put on weight. One could also suggest that when people stay up longer, they are more likely to snack. Make sure you are getting adequate rest daily.

Good health is just as important as being a good driver. Make certain you are keeping your health a top priority.