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Factors That Impact The Cost Of Shipping Your Vehicle

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If you are looking to ship your vehicle to another state or even out of the country, it is very important that you take the time to get the very best shipping service. You are going to find that there are many different shipping companies that are willing to ship your vehicle, but a few stand above the crowd. With these services, you are going to find that costs are going to range. It is important that you understand what exactly you are paying for, and that you understand what to expect. Here are a few of the factors that are going to determine price with some of the top notch vehicle shipping companies.


As you can imagine one of the biggest factors is going to be how far the vehicle is being shipped. Usually milage is pretty simple to comprehend, however sometimes you may find that the delivery route is going to play into how much you pay for the shipping of your car. If you have a vehicle that needs to be shipped long distance, try to have the company ship it along the least expensive route. This route will usually be the most traveled on. If you are shipping your vehicle to Hawaii you are going to pay more simply because of the logistic of getting it across part of the Pacific.


You are going to find that there are many different types of trailers that can be used. You may be shipping your car to Utah in the dead of winter. If this is the case, you may want to choose an enclosed trailer. Many of the wintery roads in the midwest and west use a lot of salt to help in the winter. The salt is going to act as a catalyst for the corrosion of your vehicle. Make sure that you factor in weather and other variables. Once you know the type of trailer and other equipment, the shipping company will be able to give you an accurate quote.


If you are transporting a muscle car from the 1970's as opposed to a dump truck, you will save on the size of your load. The weight and the size of the vehicle that you are going to be shipping is going to factor into the cost a great deal. This is due mostly to the size and type of the trailer and other equipment used, but also for the drop in gas mileage from shipping the larger vehicle. 

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