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A Beginner's Guide To Intermodal Drayage

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Does your business need transportation services? If yes, you should consider working with an intermodal drayage company. That is highly advisable because such service providers use more than one mode of transport. Therefore they help you avoid common issues associated with reliance on one transport mode, including excessive use of infrastructure like roads, delayed deliveries from breakdowns and traffic jams, and inaccurate delivery time notifications. Most organizations that offer intermodal drayage rely on a combination of the following:

1.       Trucks

Shipping companies often use trucks to transport goods or products they can't transport using parcel carriers. That means they can use these vehicles to haul building materials, clothing, cars, and farm produce, among other freight. Truck transportation is prevalent today because it enables door-to-door services and faster deliveries, especially when the cargo shipments in context are small-sized. Moreover, this mode of transport is cheaper and the best option for hauling items over short distances.  Plus, trucks can go anywhere as long as there's a road. And if truck transportation is made impossible by a large water body, intermodal drayage allows the shipping company to switch to ships.

2.       Ships

Ships are floating vessels that intermodal drayage companies use to transport cargo on water. Many of these experts incorporate ocean freight shipping because it allows them to haul goods to most international destinations. And, since some vessels can carry as many as 24,000 containers, shipping companies move enormous cargo. That allows them to serve many clients and charge competitive costs. Besides, sea freight can handle almost anything, be it a small shipment or oversized and bulky cargo. Not to forget, some ships have the accessories required to ferry hazardous products like industrial chemicals and military weapons.

3.       Planes

If you're worried because your product can't be shipped via sea or road for any given reason, worry no more. Intermodal drayage service providers offer you a better alternative: air. This mode of transport, which relies on airplanes, is faster than most other options. Plus, freight companies use it to haul small, medium, and oversized items. Not to forget, air transport is less susceptible to issues associated with borders and customs authorities. Reputable drayage companies use this option to ship urgent goods, perishable food, urgent intercontinental mail, pharmaceutical devices, priceless art pieces, and luxury products.

4.       Rail cars

The last mode of transport some intermodal drayage service providers use alongside air, water, and road is rail. It is a considerably cheaper solution that relies on rail cars. Many enterprises dealing with consumer goods like paint and cleaning products consider it the best option and use it regularly. But, a service provider may use it with any other bulk or perishable cargo. That is more so since some rail cars are refrigerated, making them suitable for perishable products like food and farm produce.

For more information on intermodal drayage, contact a professional near you.