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3 Reasons You May Need Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceutical Transport

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From the time a pharmaceutical manufacturer creates a product, the quality of that product must be assured. This means that quality assurance does not stop once the pharmaceutical products leave the manufacturer. Instead, quality has to be assured throughout the entire journey of the product until it finally reaches the end patient or consumer. Therefore, temperature-controlled pharmaceutical transport is an important service to have access to as a manufacturer. Take a look at a few reasons why you may need transport with temperature control as a pharmaceutical product manufacturing company. 

Some Pharmaceuticals Lose Effectiveness in Non-Climate Controlled Environments 

Even if the appearance of a product looks the same upon delivery, this does not mean the product has not been affected by temperature variances. In fact, a lot of ingredients used in medications can become ineffective if exposed to certain temperatures for long periods. For example, insulin needs to stay at room temperature before being opened, and exposure to high or too-cold temperatures can cause the medication to become ineffective. Likewise, medication ingredients encapsulated in something like gelatin-based capsules can be vulnerable to heat. 

Some Compounded Liquid Ingredients Lose Consistency in Hot or Cold Temperatures 

Liquid medications can be even more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations or extremes than solid-form medications like pills or tablets. For example, something like cough syrup or liquid antibiotics can break down in hot or cold temperatures. This can cause the consistency of the fluid mix to be compromised. In other words, some ingredients may separate; this means, if the bottle is not well shaken before dosing, an individual could get too much of just one ingredient. 

Some Geographic Locations Experience Extreme Temperatures 

Temperature-controlled transport can be more important in some locations than others. For example, if your manufacturing facility is sending out a delivery that will travel through northern states in the winter, the products could be exposed to freezing temperatures for several hours or days. Likewise, some areas have extremely high temperatures in the summer. In more temperate climates, transport temperature can be more predictable, but controlling temperatures throughout transport can still be important. 

Discuss Your Needs with a Qualified Transportation Company 

When you are in the business of making products that keep people well, it is important to find a transport provider you can count on to adhere to your mission. Be sure to openly discuss your needs for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical transport with a service provider to find out what they have to offer.