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Traveling In A Taxi With A Large Dog: Tips For Safety, Comfort, And A Smooth Trip

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Traveling by taxi with a large dog can be a challenge for a variety of reasons. Not all taxi drivers are comfortable allowing a large dog into their vehicle, and those who do may have special requirements. In addition, when you bring your dog into a taxi, it's important to ensure that your dog can safely and comfortably ride in the taxi without making problems for you or the driver. Your dog's size, cleanliness, and behavior must be taken into consideration. These tips will help you and your canine friend get where you need to go in a taxi.

Call Ahead of Time

Schedule your trip in advance so you can call your chosen taxi company well before a taxi is actually needed. This will give you a chance to call around if the taxi company has a no-dog policy. If they do allow dogs into their vehicles, ask them if they have any specific requirements for travel.

Your taxi company may have a weight limit, may require your dog to wear a specific type of restraining collar or muzzle, or may have a rule against animals with long hair. Knowing all of these things in advance is important so you can find a company that will allow your breed in the vehicle and so your dog is in compliance with your taxi company's rules. Talk with a professional, like Richmond Cabs Ltd taxi van, for more information.

Ask for a Special Vehicle

When you call ahead of time for your taxi, ask the company to send a taxi van instead of a standard car. This will give you and your dog more room and will make your journey more comfortable. In addition, taxi vans have more floor space for your dog, so you can keep your dog off the seats during the ride.

Keep Your Dog Calm

For the safety of you, your taxi and your dog, your pet must remain calm throughout your journey. Make sure your pet burns off his or her energy before the cab arrives. Take your dog for a long run or walk, feed your dog a large meal, and play with your dog before the scheduled pick up time. The more tired your dog is when the taxi comes, the more mellow your dog is likely to be during the van ride.

Make Sure Your Dog is Clean

To be a considerate passenger, make sure that your dog is clean before he or she gets in the taxi. Wipe off any dirt from your dog's paws and underbelly, and brush your dog's coat to remove loose fur. If your dog likes to jump up on the seat while riding in a vehicle, trim your dog's claws to protect the upholstery. 

As a final courtesy to your driver, ask your driver if there's anything specific he or she would prefer for you to do to keep your dog out of the way during the journey. This will indicate to your driver that you are a respectful and concerned passenger, and will help your journey get off to a smooth start.