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Learn How To Use A Helicopter Charter When You Are A Real Estate Agent

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When you work as a real estate agent, you need to be willing to think outside of the box when it comes to selling someone a house in an area of the country that they are not used to living in. A great way to allow potential home buyers to see an area of town in a unique way is to arrange to take them on a helicopter charter. Use the following guide to learn how to make arrangements for a helicopter charter when working as a real estate agent.

Determine Where You Want the Helicopter to Fly

You need to meet with the helicopter charter company and explain to them what you plan to do with the charter. They will be able to help you establish a route for the helicopter to take to show the potential buyers everything that they need to see to the town in the best light possible.

Determine How Long You Want the Tour to Last

When you are discussing the tour with the charter company, you need to establish how long you want the tour to last. Tours are often sold on an hourly basis. This often provides you with ample time to show them a few hot spots of the area. Be sure the charter has headsets for you to use so that the clients can easily hear you as you can explain things during the tour.

Determine How Many People Will Be Taking the Tour

When you take a helicopter tour, there is a limit as to how many people can safely ride in the helicopter. You need to find out exactly how many people can come on the helicopter so that parents can know if their children can ride with them or if they need to be left home with a sitter during the tour.

Determine When You Want to Take the Tour

Talk to the charter company about when the best time to take the tour is. There are some areas that are better to tour during the middle of the day because there is so much light and so much to see. If you sell homes in a busy city, it may be best to take the tour during a time when there is not a lot of traffic on the roadways. If you tour during rush hour traffic, the buyers will more than likely only pay attention to the traffic rather than the beauty of the city.

Be sure to let your clients know ahead of time about your plan. This will ensure that they feel comfortable going into a helicopter and are willing to see the area from the sky. Plan the trip a few weeks in advance to ensure that the helicopter can be chartered on the day and time that is convenient for you and your clients.