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Planning A Haunted House This Year? 4 Safety Tips For Operating Your Fog Machine

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Halloween is just around the corner. It's time to start planning your haunted houses. If you don't have a fog machine yet, you should pick one up. No haunted house is complete without the fog machine. You can hide all kinds of scary stuff in the fog, especially hands that can grab, or a well-placed monster. If you've never used a fog machine, there are some things you should know about them. The information provided below will help you use your fog machine safely, and effectively.

Avoid Breathing the Fog

Your fog machine is going to emit a lot of low-lying fog. For the most part, this fog won't cause harm to humans, or animals. However, you should still avoid breathing it in, especially if you suffer from asthma, or other breathing-related illnesses. The fog can irritate your nasal passages, and your lungs. This is particularly true if you breathe in enough of it. For maximum protection, if you're going to be working the haunted house, and you'll be exposed to the fog all night long, put a face mask on under your costume. No one will see it, and you'll breathe easier.

Never Use Off-Brand Fluid

When it comes to operating your fog machine, it's going to need plenty of fog fluid. This fluid usually contains triethylene glycol, and other chemicals. It's important that you never use off-brand fluid for your fog machine, or try to use any of the instructions you can find for homemade fluid. Using a brand of fluid that was not intended for your particular machine could lead to fires, and other hazards. Protect yourself, and others by always using the fluid that was designed for your fog machine.

Watch Your Fluid Level

Your fog machine is going to go through a lot of fluid throughout the night, especially if it will be under continual use. While it's on, make sure you watch the fluid level. Operating the fog machine when it's low on fluid could overheat the unit, which could lead to fire.

Be Careful to Avoid Burns

Once you turn your fog machine on, it will generate quite a bit of hit to create the fog for your haunted house. The main unit will become hot to the touch. In fact, it may become so hot that it could cause serious burns to your hands. To avoid burns, always wear heavy-duty gloves when operating your fog machine. If there will be multiple people operating the machine, make sure they know to wear gloves.