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Are You Planning A Road Trip With Friends?

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Do you have favorite friends with whom you love to travel? Perhaps they are friends from long ago or maybe they're new friends. If you are planning yet another trip with your favorite friends, that might mean that you have similar traveling styles. For instance, if you travel with good friends who love to sleep in while you're anxious to get up early to see new sights, that's probably not a good fit. You probably count yourself lucky, even blessed, to have found friends with whom you enjoy going on trips. If you are planning an extended road trip with them, from making your plans early to arranging for car rental services, here are some ideas that might help you to plan your best adventure yet.

Plan Carefully - Of course, traveling on a whim can be an absolute joy. However, it can also bring disappointments if you can't find things like last minute hotel reservations or good prices to the theater. Do you and your friends live in the same city or town? If so, consider setting up a time when you can plan your trip together. If you don't live in the same area, don't fret. Phoning is good, but think about emailing so that you can have a written record of the trip plans that you decide together. Be sure to have your calendars so that you can check your own availability. For instance, wouldn't it be a shame if you booked your trip at the same time that a dear friend is getting married, not being able to attend that important function?

Car Rental - Are you having trouble deciding on whose car to take on your extended road trip? Perhaps you're not sure if your cars are in good enough condition to take on a long trip. Have you considered renting a car for your extended road trip? Doing just that would mean that you won't be putting miles on your personal cars. Talk to a car rental agency and tell them just what your plans are, that you and your friends will be going on a long trip together. The people at the car rental agency will more than likely have the experience to recommend just the right car for you, one that is reliable and that isn't a gas guzzler. You'll probably get a rental car that has a GPS as part of the design of the car. In fact, you can request a very late model that has so many bells and whistles on it that you may not even use them all.

To learn more about car rental services or trip planning, visit a travel agency near you.