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Own A Truck Company? How Telematics Devices Can Help Your Business

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Telematic devices are commonly used by car insurance companies. You plug the device into your car and the device is able to transmit information to the insurance company about how many miles you drive, whether you drive the speed limit, and what areas you drive in. But insurance companies are not the only companies that can benefit from telematic devices. If you own a trucking company, installing telematic devices in your trucks can be beneficial. Here are a few of the ways these devices can benefit your business. 

You Can Track Shipments and Location

One of the benefits to using a telematic device for a trucking company is that you can see exactly where a truck is at any given moment. Prior to telematic devices, drivers would need to check in with their bosses when driving across country to tell them exactly how far they got in a day. This takes time out of both parties' days. But with a telematic device in place, you can hop online and check to see exactly where your trucks are and how many miles per day the driver is driving. 

You Can Track How Often an Employee Takes Breaks

Another benefit to using telematic devices is you can see exactly when a driver stops to take a break or to sleep for the night. Federal laws are strict in regards to how many hours a day a truck driver can drive and how many hours they can work before they need a break. If a driver is not following the law, your business can be fined and/or held responsible if an overly tired driver gets in an accident. Using telematic devices helps you to ensure your drivers are following the law and taking breaks as required. 

You Can See How Safe an Employee Drives

The last way a telematic device can benefit your business is by helping you to see how safe an employee is driving. Telematic devices help you to see a driver's speed. You can see if a driver is driving the speed limit or driving faster than the speed limit. Some telematic devices also track braking habits, helping you to see if a driver is frequently slamming on the brakes, which can indicate a driver is not driving in a safe manner. All of this information can be used to improve driver training to prevent accidents. 

Telematic devices can help you to see exactly where a truck or shipment is at any given time, how often an employee is taking a break, and how safe an employee is driving. All of this information can be used to improve your business and ensure your drivers are staying safe and obeying all laws while on the roads.