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Panic At The Airport Resolved! How Getting From One Gate To Another Is No Longer A Hassle

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Movies from the eighties and nineties often featured frantic characters dashing from one end of an airport to another. They were constantly hurrying to catch planes and not be late to their gates, and people laughed because they could relate to the nightmare that was intra-airport transportation. For a long time, most airport passengers experienced this very issue, but modern airports and major updates have almost made this problem a thing of the past. Here are some of the solutions that many well-known airports have incorporated to help you get from gate to gate in record time without huffing and puffing, working up a sweat, and/or having a panic attack. 

​Detroit's Rail Shuttle

​As you enter the Detroit airport, either to board a plane or coming off a plane, one of the first things you notice is a lot of people waiting for a sort of train-shuttle to arrive. This mode of intra-airport transport exists in conjunction with all of the other means of getting from one gate to the next, except that you do nothing physically strenuous to use it. The rail shuttle glides all the way around the airport, and there are almost always several of these train shuttles in motion to prevent overcrowding. Digital signs above the doorways to these shuttles tell you exactly when they will arrive and exactly where they are headed, making it very easy to get on and off where and when you need to.

Florida's Hub and Shuttle System

​Orlando, Florida has a unique system whereby planes land and depart from one hub, and people collect their baggage, rent a car, or utilize another means of exterior transport from a secondary hub. In between these two hubs is a set of "people movers," which are similar to Detroit's shuttle trains, except that these are only four cars long, and have no seats (standing room only). Florida's version only travels between the two separated hubs of the airport. They do not go anywhere else.

What makes them most convenient is the fact that all of the hectic foot traffic you would have racing from gate to gate is practically eliminated because the plane hub has specific wings for specific airlines. You simply find the wing of the airline you are using, and head in that direction with a very short walk. The whole plane hub is like an "x" or asterisk, and it is much more compact and easy to use. 

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