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Making Sure Your Truck Drivers Avoid Trouble With The Law: Helpful Advice For New Trucking Company Owners

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You can hire the best truck drivers in the business to start your trucking company, but your drivers may still have lots of scrapes with the law while they are on the road. Most of these interactions are unintentional, and they are completely avoidable as well. As you navigate this new business venture, here is some helpful advice that will help your drivers steer clear of the police while on the road. 

Buy All the Applicable Trucking Highway Permits Your Drivers Will Need

If your company is strictly intrastate shipping, then you only have to buy the trucking permits that will allow your drivers to move shipments around the state. If you are establishing your company as an interstate business, then make sure you buy permits that will be required of your drivers every time they drive over state lines into neighboring states and states around the country. These permits will allow them to move freely along the road without excessive stops, warnings, and/or fines. 

All Applicable Permits Should Be Placed in the Glove Box in Each Truck

It does not matter who drives which truck so long as every driver is licensed to drive, insured, and knows where to drive the truck he/she is assigned. As for the permits, all applicable permits to each truck and the truck's typical route should be kept in the glove box of the cab of the truck. That way, the permits are there and available in case a driver is pulled over and needs to present the permits. The permits should never leave the trucks or go home with the drivers because if the truck is assigned to a different driver, that driver will need those permits in order to drive that truck/route on that day. 

All Drivers Should Check Their Trucks for the Appropriate Permits Before Leaving in the Morning

Before drivers leave in the morning to start their routes, they should check to make sure the permits and all necessary paperwork is with them and/or in the truck. They should be in the habit of checking and never forgetting or leaving the permits and paperwork somewhere other than in the truck. If the permits are not there, and the truck is not one a driver usually drives, he/she should check the office, and then check with the driver that drove that particular truck last. The driver cannot leave until those permits and paperwork are safely inside his/her cab. 

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