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How Long Should Your Wedding Limo Rental Be?

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Once you've decided to rent a limousine for your wedding day, the next question often is how long to rent it. The answer varies widely depending on a few key factors. Taking these into consideration will help you come up with just the right number of hours. 

1. Your Timeline

One of the biggest factors to decide the limo schedule is your wedding day schedule. If you want the limousine to take you and your attendants to the venue where you will get dressed and prepared, you would need to rent the car for much longer than a bride who wants to arrive at the church exactly on time to walk down the aisle. And if you want to use the car as a getaway at the end of the evening, you'll need to rent it for all the intervening hours. 

2. Your Budget

Wedding limos are a great part of the big day. But they also can be an expense that some couples haven't fully taken into account in their budget. Limousines often cost between $50 and $300 per hour, so additional time can pad the bill quite a lot.  

If you face financial constraints, you do have several options for reducing the cost of the limo. Reducing the time rented is the easiest way to do this. You also might be able to use a less expensive vehicle option — such as an executive car — for the same amount of hours or schedule the car for earlier hours when the rental cost is lowered. 

3. Your Party

The more people you include in the limo festivities, the longer you may need to use it. Picking up family or friends individually from all around town could cost precious time that you'll need to extend the rental. Waiting around to give a ride home to anyone who has imbibed during the wedding is another way to prolong your needs. 

4. Your Trip Plan

While many couples want to go straight from home to the wedding venue, others want to take their time during this fun part of the day. You may decide to surprise Mom and Dad with a pickup or stop off at the location where you got engaged. Or you may want to take the scenic route for a more romantic trip. While there is the appeal of slimming down the limo ride, skimping could also make you feel like you didn't get your money's worth. 

Your wedding day limo ride can be whatever you want to — or can afford to — make it. Need more help utilizing these four factors to your advantage? Start by consulting with a limousine rental company like Exotic Limo to learn more.